Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ferns in Italy: Liguria

Our second field trip in Italy was to Liguria, where we hiked into an abandoned manganese mine filled with a lush, dense covering of ferns. Between the valley floor and hill we had to hike up and over to reach the mine, we crossed a number of habitat types and saw ferns with many varieties of habitat preference, from dark forest understory to exposed, gravelly cliff faces.

Me at the bottom of the valley
Looking down at the shaft from across the valley

Cheilanthes tinaei
Asplenium foreziense
Asplenium septentrionale
Asplenium onopteris

The red is from the manganese
Abandoned mine tracks
Abandoned mine cart

Dryopteris dilatata
Asplenium x sleepiaea
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum
Asplenium trichomanes ssp. trichomanes
Pressing and labeling all our collections

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