Friday, June 10, 2011

Final flowers...

I promise this will be the last flower post for quite awhile, as most of the spring flowering angiosperms have done their thing and are now strictly vegetative. I couldn't resist sharing one more batch of flower photos, though, since these are from quite a different habitat than the rich woodlands where the photos in my other recent flower posts were taken. These plants are all from Muralt Bluff Prairie, an open-access hilltop prairie just around the corner from Abraham's Woods in southern Wisconsin. This is a really neat place, exposed and windswept, with an interesting assortment of prairie plants. It had recently been burned before our visit, so a lot of things were just starting to poke out for the spring. Pictured above is Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum, and it covers an entire slope on the western edge of the prairie:

Also on the western side, near the bottom of the hill, is this rare beauty, Besseya bullii, or Kittentail, not to be confused with the also-yellow-flowering Lousewort, Pedicularis canadensis, which is in the two photos below the Besseya.

And no set of spring floral posts in Wisconsin would be complete without a shot of Pasque Flower, Anemone patens:


Mike Whittemore said...

Love prairie smoke! I'm interning in ND and have started to see them bloom. I drove through Wisconsin to get here and loved the northern part of the state. Nothing but balsam fir and spruce forests along with tamarack bottomlands! I found some interesting species (with no seeds or fruit) there that I'm sure you'd like. Check out my blog to see. I would be a few posts back. Thanks for sharing and we don't mind the flower posts, keep them coming!

Andrew Lane Gibson said...

Found your blog through my buddy and fellow blogger, Mike from above. Love your stuff! Really liked the Besseya bullii, myself and some other botanists for Ohio went looking for it earlier this spring in the only location it was ever collected in our state. No luck :/. Feel free to check out my botany blog at