Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

Well, my trip to Australia has come and gone, and now all that's left is to sort through the photos and decide which ones to post! The next few weeks here will likely be devoted to cataloguing the places we went and the plants we saw.

Following the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne, my advisor led my lab on a three-day driving trip around much of Victoria, Australia. We started off at a second botanical garden (we are botanists, after all!) about an hour from Melbourne, called the Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. They had a gorgeous collection of acacias and eucalypts, against a red-soil background that is characteristic of the outback parts of Victoria, which weren't far in our future...

After our visit to the gardens, we headed south and visited a mangrove swamp with an extensive boardwalk system, before heading north towards Healsville and Marysville, which are somewhat northeast of Melbourne.

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